Major Mintlaw North Woods housing project wins support

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Councillors have backed a major housing development in Mintlaw.

Members of the Buchan Area Committee gave their support to the North Woods project at a meeting in Arbuthnot House.

The plans include the creation of 600 homes to the north of Mintlaw, to be delivered in two phases up to 2023. The massive project will also incorporate facilities for the elderly and space for an additional primary school.

The plan, which began in 2008, has been prepared by Knight Frank, Baxter Design and Atkins.

Central Buchan councillor Jim Ingram commented: “I support it, I think it will be positive for the village. I also think it will increase the opportunities for facilities in Mintlaw.

“There will be challenges, for example, with the traffic and pedestrian safety. There are bound to be changes to speed limits and school provision will also have to be carefully assessed.

“Another concern I have relates to the report. I thought it was a bit vague, especially in relation to timescales, which makes planning things more difficult.

“But overall, I think there are a lot of positives.”

Councillor Lenny Pirie added: “I’m very supportive of the development.

“One of the main issues is that the roads in the area would need to be re-developed but I think this can be addressed.

“The development would be a good chance to push for the introduction of Park and Ride in Mintlaw.

“I also think this is a great opportunity for local businesses and schools. I think the community supports the project.”

Councillor Norman Smith also welcomed the development, saying: “This has been in the melting pot for a long time and I welcome it.

“The development will include affordable housing as well as community and educational facilities.

“There will also be improvements to road links including a new roundabout as you come into Mintlaw from the Fraserburgh road.”

Councillor Edie Chapman said: “I think this will be very good for the area and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be a positive development.

“The development should work and connect with the rest of the village. I think the design will be distinctive and fit in with the surrounding environment.

“The designers and developers have worked well to incorporate suggestions.

“Councillors will also be involved at each stage of the process which I think is important.”