Local Fairtrade group to hold AGM

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The Annual General Meeting of the Peterhead and Buchan Fairtrade Group will be held on Monday, November 17 at 2pm.

It will be held in the “Hoosie”, Windmill Street, Peterhead.

Anyone with an interest in the Fairtrade movement is invited to attend, and the group would especially welcome representatives of other Fairtrade groups in the area.

Over the past year, the Peterhead and Buchan Fairtrade Group have produced Fairtrade window stickers for shops and businesses, investigated the supply of Fairtrade school uniforms and are currently working on producing a Fairtrade cook book.

Aberdeenshire has now gained Fairtrade status, and the Peterhead and Buchan Fairtrade Group works with the other Fairtrade towns and areas to promote ethical trading with other countries.

Fairtrade is a way of doing business that aims to remove the inequality and power imbalance that can be a common feature of the conventional global trading system.