Local couple celebrate two miracle tots

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ST FERGUS couple John and Diane Buchan will be hosting a second Miracle Ball after the success of the 2010 event which raised over £11,000 for the Aberdeen Fertility Centre.

John and Diane hope to continue to support the fertility centre this year, after it helped them conceive Carmen, now 22 months and John James aged four and a half months.

Previously speaking to the Buchanie, John said: “We are forever in their debt and plan to do whatever we can to help the clinic move forward and bring more joy and miracles to other couples.”

The couple had been trying for a baby for around 18 months before they sought help and were told that Diane’s endometriosis she had suffered at a younger age, had become more severe. After ongoing treatment however, the couple were told that they were pregnant a few months later.

Before the 2010 Miracle ball, Diane said: “Hopefully by telling our story and doing our fundraising we can help overcome this problem and raise awareness of fertility problems and the Aberdeen Fertility Centre.”

Little did the couple know that the ball would be a sensation and this year they are hoping to have the same success.

John said: “Thanks to the clinic we now have two beautiful children, last year we raised £11,000 for them which helped pay for some equipment to help with the miracle work that they do.

“This year we hope to do the same. Funding is vital to the clinic to help them carry out their work and continued research, with government cuts and the current economic climate funds have been a real issue, and any money we can raise will help in a big way.”

The charity ball will take place on May 7, at the Buchan Braes Hotel, there will be a cocktail reception, a 6-course meal, comedian, band, auction and raffles galore.

Tables of 6, 8, 10 and 12 are available with tickets costing £65.For more information contact John or Dian by email miracleball@btinternet.com or by calling 01779 838116.