Local couple celebrate their diamond anniversary

Ina and Sandy Willox are celebrating reaching their Diamond Wedding Anniversary
Ina and Sandy Willox are celebrating reaching their Diamond Wedding Anniversary

A COUPLE from Mintlaw are celebrating after reaching their Diamond wedding anniversary.

Alexander and Alexina Willox - better known as Sandy and Ina - will mark their 60th anniversary on Wednesday, April 24.

The couple met at work, which at the time, was at a farm beside Maud. Sandy worked outside with the machinery while Ina worked inside the house.

The couple were 17-18 when they met.

When asked about their first date, Ina said: “We went to the pictures in Fraserburgh but I can’t remember what we saw.

“I do remember sitting on the back of his motorbike and I was scared!”

Their wedding took place at the New Inn Hotel in Ellon and Ina added: “There were about 50 people there which was quite big at the time.”

Sandy and Ina have two daughters, Helen and Sandra, though the arrival of one daughter proved to be the toughest time of their lives.

Ina explained: “When Sandra was born she wasn’t very well and we didn’t have a lot of family to help us.”

Luckily Sandra’s condition improved and the family has grown in size.

Sandy and Ina are the proud grandparents to four grandchildren, and they also have two great-grandchildren.

Ina said: “It is fine to see the young ones come in and see them healthy and running about. They keep you going.”

When asked about the secret to a long marriage, Ina said: “You have to share everything and don’t go to bed not speaking to each other.

“We have had a happy life together, had ups and downs but we got through them together. We are very lucky.”

Sandy and Ina’s daughter Helen spoke about her parents’ milestone: “It is a great achievement and a special occasion which needs to be marked.”