Litter bins plea for Prince Street area

PETERHEAD Community Council is to write to Aberdeenshire Council’s environmental health department asking for rubbish bins to be placed in the Prince Street area of town.

The problem of litter in the area was raised at a meeting of the community council last year after residents complained of rubbish lying around, particularly at lunch times when academy pupils had been out for carry-out meals and snacks.

Speaking at Wednesday’s meeting of the council, community warden Ian Kennedy said that there was a push for recycling bins to be provided in the town centre, or rubbish bins, in a bid to resolve the problem.

Chairman, Graham Barron, said that councillor Anne Allan had been looking into the issue in a bid to get bins for the Prince Street area.

However, Councillor Stuart Pratt said that academy pupils were an “easy target” and the litter problem was not all down to them.

“I have seen a mess of rubbish lying well before the pupils come out at lunch time,” he said.

“It’s easy to point the finger at the kids, they’re an easy target, but it’s not just them to blame for the mess.”

Community warden Ian Kennedy said that it was a case of educating people about disposing of their rubbish.

“We are doing a poster campaign with ASDA at the moment with the kids and it’s all about educating them,” he said.

“It’s not only a message for the children, it’s a message for their parents too.”

It was agreed to write to the environmental health department asking if bins could be provided for that area of town.

The situation will continue to be monitored.