Light up this winter, community is urged

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THE clocks have gone back, winter is on its way, and all the excitement of Christmas is just around the corner.

But as the darker nights set in, Community Warden Ian Kennedy warns Peterhead folk to be sensible and stay safe, particularly when cycling or walking.

Ian explains that when the nights get darker, drivers often can’t see cyclists.

Therefore it is important to bake sure that bikes are well lit.

He said: “Sometimes when the nights get darker, drivers can’t see people riding bikes. So I can’t stress enough how important it is to install lights on every bike.”

“That means both children and adults.”

He hopes that folk will heed his advice and make sure they are visible when cycling on the streets of Peterhead and the surrounding area.

Wearing light coloured or reflective clothing is also a good idea, says Ian, as it can help to prevent accidents.

He said: “Folk tend to wear darker colours in the winter. But it is really important to wear something that will make sure they can be seen by car drivers and other cyclists, particularly on roads where there are no street lights.”

“Of course, as always it is vital that all cyclists wear a helmet.”

Lights and reflective gear are available for as little as £10 and Duncan’s Cycles’ Garry hopes that parents will remember to purchase this safety equipment when buying bikes for children this Christmas.

Ian adds that homeowners should make sure houses do not fall prey to thieves should they plan to go away for the festive season.

He added: “Unoccupied houses are a tempting target for criminals. Make sure that you use a timer on lights both inside and outside your home to deter prospective thieves.”

“It is also a good idea to use a timer on radios or televisions.”

Homeowners are advised to ensure that all windows and doors are locked and blinds or curtains are closed to deter “window shopping.”

“Above all, we want people to enjoy the festive season,” says Ian, “but just be sensible and stay safe.”

Personal alarms are also available for just £3.50 at Arbuthnott House, courtesy of Buchan Safety Group.