Lifeboat called out to search for vessel in distress

Peterhead lifeboat
Peterhead lifeboat

The Peterhead lifeboat was requested to launch by the UK Coastguard yesterday after receiving reports that a vessel was in distress near Peterhead.

The lifeboat left at 5.40pm with its volunteer crew, to search for the vessel as indicated by a EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) signal received by UK Coastguard.

An EPIRB is a device fitted to most commercial vessels which manually or automatically sends out a distress signal to a satellite after an incident, which is then received by the UK Coastguard.

No radio contact could be made with any casualty, so the lifeboat was tasked to do a radar and visual search.

The lifeboat carried out an unsuccessful search in the area North East of the harbour for any vessel which may have been in distress.

After the EPIRB signal was no longer being received, and no vessel was found, the lifeboat was stood down at 7.10pm.