Labour backs Alan for new Coastal seat

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Banffshire and Buchan Coast Labour Party have announced that local party secretary Alan Duffill has been selected as its prospective parliamentary candidate for the 2011 Holyrood elections.

Following his selection and local solicitor Alan said he was “delighted” to have been selected.

He admitted: “Disappointingly three years ago we lost ground and lost power in Scotland to the SNP. They have spent the last three years undoing much of the good work we started.

“Gone are the 1,000 extra teachers we brought in replaced by a 3,000 cut, classroom assistants are down and we have 4,000 fewer health service workers.

“The needs of this area and Scotland have been neglected as the Nats pursue a narrow Independence agenda.

“Scottish Labour delivered a Parliament for Scotland just over 10 years ago and the General Election showed increased support for Labour across this area and across Scotland.

“Although we take nothing for granted I am hopeful that next year we can see Labour back in power again. We want to play an active part in Scotland’s government once more - protecting and rebuilding Scotland’s key public services.

“Liberal Democrat support has collapsed and will continue to whilst they provide life support to their Tory bedfellows. I think only we can present a realistic alternative to a failing Nationalist Government.

“It will be an interesting and exciting challenge for Scottish Labour and it is one that I very much look forward to.”

Local party chairman Peter Hawkey said: “I am delighted that Alan has been selected as our prospective candidate.

“The local party looks forward to joining him in taking the Labour Party’s message to communities across the length and breadth of the Banffshire and Buchan Coast as we seek to build support for the return of a radical and progressive Labour government.”