Kids describe their dream homes

Kids have the wildest imaginations, and it seems this is definitely true when it comes to what they want from their future home.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 16th January 2017, 10:26 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 4:12 pm
Children give the lowdown on their dream homes.
Children give the lowdown on their dream homes.

A recent study from leading UK house builder Redrow surveyed almost 2,000 UK parents on behalf of their children (under the age of ten), asking them what their child’s perfect home would look like.

It found that more than a third (39%) of children want a treehouse to live in, while 40% want a trampoline and 27% a ball pool in their house.

Without parents about, it also seems children would go crazy on the sweet treats for their dream home, with 26% opting for a pick n mix room and over a third (34%) an ice cream machine.

However, some children were more practical in their house demands. More than half (59%) said that they would like a big garden for their dream home, with a further 59% wanting a play room.

Many of the children offered a more in-depth insight into their ideal home:

“My dream house would be big, with big rooms, a pool and hot tub in the garden, as well as a bouncy castle and a big bathroom with a huge bath!”

“It would be a big pink castle with a big garden, with a trampoline and a tree house. It would have a big play room and a swimming pool. It would be near my friends and the beach.”

“A castle full of footballers!”

“Big like Peppa Pig’s house with a train track outside and the flying Scotsman in the garden. And a magic bucket full of real-life dinosaurs.”

“It would be a ‘hobbit’ home on a mountain or hill. There would be plenty of trees with ladders that I could climb all day.”

“It would look like a space rocket from the outside. - a red one. Inside there would be bedrooms and toilets for all, a big kitchen and three playrooms! The garden would be moon rocks as it’s on the moon!”

Commenting on the study, Emma Brindley, Group Interior Designer at Redrow, said: “When considering the interior schemes for our show homes we always try to put ourselves in the children’s shoes and think about what they want from a home. They have the most amazing imaginations so it is important that our designs - particularly children’s bedrooms, encourage their creativity wherever possible.

“The study has inspired us open up a ‘My Perfect Home’ competition to children around the UK, giving them the opportunity to send us a picture of their dream house to be in with a chance of winning some very special prizes!”

To enter Redrow’s ‘My Perfect Home’ children’s drawing competition and be in with a chance of winning a host of prizes, visit the Redrow website.