Kevin asks: “Will the lights go out this winter?”

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Will the lights go out this winter? That was the question posed to members of Peterhead Probus Club at their latest meeting.

The club welcomed Kevin Oliphant to the Palace Hotel. Kevin gave a talk on the use of Energy.

As a ‘weel kent face’ to most members, Kevin gave some brief biographical details from his early life in Sunderland, his time spent at University of Birmingham and his early engineering experiences before settling in Peterhead.

In a highly informative and thought-provoking talk, members were taken through the provision of energy in this country, sector by sector, the varied power stations, and how they contributed to the National Grid.

A detailed analysis of the development of Renewables such as wind power, hydro power, solar and geothermal were examined, how each made a contribution and at what cost!

However, are we meeting the new demands for energy in the right way by marrying theuse of wind-power along with hydro-power to get the best and cheapest of both or should invest in more smaller power stations, producing for local needs, not losing power by sending long distances along the National Grid?

Perhaps, time has been reached to ‘think completely out of the box’ and to devise new strategies in energy production!

It was obvious by the nature of questions asked that members thought that they could do more in an individual way to conserve energy at home by simply switching lights off when not in use even the TV off standby.

On behalf of members, Jim Robertson thanked Kevin for his talk, saying that he would now make a determined effort to save energy.

The next meeting of Probus Club will be held on Tuesday, October 28, at 10am, in the Palace Hotel with the guest speaker for this occasion being Ali MacRae.