It’s that time of the year again...

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Local volunteers are being sought to help light up Peterhead’s town centre this Christmas.

The early appeal follows a last-ditch effort to get lights erected in the town centre last year.

A committee had to be quickly formed in November 2015 after it transpired that no group had taken responsibility for the Blue Toon’s Christmas display.

Thanks to sponsorship from big-hearted local businesses and the provision of a tree from Peterhead Projects, lights were erected in time for a switch-on which was held at the end of November in Drummer’s Corner.

To avoid a similar scenario this year, a plea has gone out to volunteers to attend a meeting later this month in an effort to get Peterhead switched back on in 2016.

A spokesperson for last year’s committee told the Buchanie: “Once all our bills have been paid, we expect to have around £2,400 remaining in the bank following last year’s successful fundraising appeal.

“Based on the cost of maintenance, insurance, storage and installation of the lights last year, the town will need to raise around a further £3,000 to stage the existing lights once again.”

Enthusiastic volunteers are now being sought to help co-ordinate a fundraising appeal across the community to ensure the lights shine brightly throughout the Blue Toon this Christmas.

The spokesperson added: “The existing small group of volunteers cannot be expected to handle this process on their own as it is a fairly big undertaking.

“If we are to have any hope of lighting up the town we need a concerted effort by the community as a whole.”

Last year’s efforts to light up the town centre ended in disappointment after the tree lights in Drummers Corner were vandalised - just hours after being switched on.

The tree was subsequently left unlit for the remainder of the festive period, but townsfolk and school children headed down to the centre where they decorated it with a variety of baubles, tinsel and paperchains.

Anyone wishing to get involved in this year’s effort should head along to the Albert Hotel on Peterhead’s Queen Street on Wednesday, August 31, at 7.30pm.

Everyone is welcome to the meeting.