It’s not a’s a hamster!

Brothers Liam and Layton Lawrie with Gingy and their aunt Anna
Brothers Liam and Layton Lawrie with Gingy and their aunt Anna

A Peterhead youngster was reunited with his beloved missing hamster after five weeks thanks to an amazing twist of fate.

Five-year-old Liam Lawrie was distraught when he discovered his hamster Gingy was missing from her cage back in November.

Liam and his family searched everywhere but there was no sign of Gingy.

However five weeks later Liam’s aunt Anna, who is the manager of the town’s Paws & Claws Pet Emporium, discovered that Gingy had been found at Allandale House care home as she had been taken in by a gentleman who initially thought she was a rat.

The gentleman had visited the shop looking to buy a cage and food for the hamster, and told Anna the story of how he had found it.

Anna had bought Gingy as a present for Liam and knew she was missing so asked the man for a description of the hamster.

After showing the man a picture of Gingy he was happy to return her to Liam.

Liam’s mum Nicola said: “When we found out Gingy was missing we turned the house inside out and we don’t know how she got as far as she did as we have an enclosed garden.

“It’s a wonder she managed to survive in the cold and wasn’t taken by a cat, scurry or hit by a car.

“We would like to thank Anna and Allandale House for finding her, it’s a miracle that she got back and we will keep an eye on her from now on.”