Is the Beast of Buchan back?

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THE Beast of Buchan could be back and residing in the Mintlaw area, following two separate sightings.

James Gray (29), who only moved to the area from Inverness three weeks ago claims to have spotted the cat-like creature twice in two days on the old railway line beside Mintlaw in exactly the same spot.

Mr Gray, of Aden Crescent, Old Deer, told the Buchanie: “I first saw the animal on Friday, August 19. I was walking from Old Deer to the shops in Mintlaw with my dog Sophie at about 5pm.

“I was heading into Mintlaw and it was walking towards me, as soon as it spotted me it stopped and crouched down. I thought it was a large dog at first and looked around for the owners, but as I got closer I saw its huge bushy tail. It didn’t stand up at all, and just shifted itself away into the nearby bushes.

“It had a really bushy head, but because it was pure black I couldn’t really make out if it had whiskers or not. I don’t think it was a dog. Sophie is a medium-sized labrador and this was much bigger.”

James was aware of the myths about the Beast of Buchan but wasn’t quite sure whether to believe them, but as he headed back to the area again on Saturday he couldn’t believe his eyes when he had a second encounter.

“I went in the hope of getting a video of the creature, but I really didn’t expect to see it again.

“But suddenly there it was. It was walking away from me so I couldn’t really get close. It turned and looked at me, I don’t think it was scared, it seemed to be quite timid.

“The video didn’t turn out because it was quite shady and I couldn’t get close enough.

James registered the sighting on the internet and he was contacted by someone straight away who told him there had been similar sightings in England.

He returned to the spot on Monday but said there were more people walking there than previously.

He added: “It’s a bit scary as you don’t know how the animal could react.

“I’m going to keep going though and see if I can see it again.”