Inverugie house plans given green light by councillors

Buchan Area Committee members decided to grant permission to erect a house on land adjacent to Inverugie Mains near Peterhead.

The plans had originally been recommended for refusal, though the councillors studied the plans and decided to go against that idea and allow the work to go ahead.

The issues raised on the plans included that the new site lies 750 meters away from the old ruin it is set to replace, the plans have no relation or circumstances and also plans for drainage were still to be submitted.

Councillor Alan Gardiner said the plans fit under the coastal policy and there would be a problem getting to the ruin as it sits next to Craigewan Links.

He added the plans were common sense, met policy and the plans had merit then moved to approve the plans.

The decision was decided as the plans went to a vote - Councillor Gardiner motioning to grant and Councillor Steven Pratt voting to amend. After a six to four win for the grant, the plans were given the approval.

The applicants could have taken the option of doing up the existing ruin but because of its location, doing that would interrupt the golf course.