Ice work lads!

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THE weather outside may be frightful, but it appears to have brought out the creative talents of some residents in Peterhead.

These snowmen were spotted on Seafield Road and Bayview Crescent in the town as neighbours decided to do something with the increasing snowfall which was blocking the streets.

Father and son, Benny and Benjamin Youngson of 6 Bayview Crescent, with the help of Gary Bisset, created a magnificent ten-feet high snowman with the snow taken from the road.

They began work on the snowman at 7pm on Monday night and three hours later they completed their artwork.

Young Syndey Miller (10), also of Bayview Crescent, provided the scarf for the frosty fixture and also placed the last potato on his chest!

The snowman has created somewhat of a snow art contest among the neighbours, with another tall snowman in the garden of another resident.

This particular fella sported a nice head of hair and was also several feet high.

Meanwhile, on Seafield Road young Nathan McLennan (9), went one better, creating two magnificent snow characters complete with igloo house in the front garden - see centre pages.