HRH Princess Anne given skin cream

DELIGHTED: Janet with her face cream
DELIGHTED: Janet with her face cream
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A PETERHEAD resident gave HRH Princess Anne a gift of her own skin cream on a visit to Boddam lighthouse.

Janet Warrender (nee Whalley) makes her own creams and when she heard Princess Anne was visiting she decided to bring along her face cream.

Janet said: “I was told by the bodyguard that it wasn’t an official engagement so she wouldn’t really be accepting gifts, but I could ask if I wanted. When she came close to me I said would you accept this gift. She said what is it? When I told her it was a face cream that I had made it myself, she stepped forward and asked me lots of questions about it. She was really interested and spoke to me for about 3 minutes.”

“I was so happy she had taken the gift. It really made me think about what I had achieved over the years.”

Janet explained how she started making her own creams: “I have my own skin care range Essevale Skincare its named after our house and my oven! I was always into natural skin care products and always used natural products on the children. When they got older I thought I would try and make my own. As I had worked in a chemist when I was younger and loved watching the pharmacist make different lotions.”

“My son Adrian sells skin products too. They are all from my formulas and he sells a lot online. He decided that it would be a good idea to sell them 10 years ago and he has had great success. It’s very unusual that I make my own formulas but to have a mother/ son rather than a mother/ daughter relationship is even more unusual.”

“Although our businesses are separate we do share things and it’s not competitive at all. We do get on really well and are both passionate about our work.”

Janet does have a background in health: “I worked in Peterhead Hospital as an auxiliary nurse and studied for my Diploma in Psychology at the same time and later received my Diploma in Body Massage. I studied further in anatomy, physiology and massage, as well as aromatherapy gaining more diplomas.”

“I think a lot of people will remember me from owning the shop Cullen Aromatherapy, Crafts and Collectables. I did sell some of my cream, bath salts and other things. When I was re-married in August 2008, the support of my husband Robert really helped I have start making my own formulas again.”