House design ‘fails to respect rural setting’

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A BUCHAN couple will find out today (Tuesday), if they are to receive planning consent for the erection of a replacement house at Moss-Side Farm, North Techmuiry, Strichen.

Plans have been submitted to the Buchan area committee by Mr and Mrs Anderson for the replacement house.

The couple’s agent was advised early in the determination process that the design of the house was not in accordance with council policy, which required a high standard of design.

A revised proposal was later submitted, however, this resulted in minimal overall change to the house type or materials to be used.

A further opportunity was offered to seek an acceptable solution, but the agent advised the authority that they wished the application determined as per the amended plans.

In a report to today’s meeting, director of infrastructure services, Stephen Archer, says: “To be acceptable, any proposal would have to take a much stronger design-led approach and could make better use of this large, previously developed site to reduce the mass and prominence of the new dwelling, while introducing more traditional features, styling and materials.

“Such changes are likely to be much more acceptable and meet policy requirements,” he says.

Councillors are being asked to refuse planning consent on the grounds that the house fails to respect its rural setting and by virtual of its scale, massing design and detailing is inappropriate for this location.

Mr Archer says the applicant has also failed to demonstrate that the development can be served by a suitable private water supply and is therefore contrary to policy.