House branded ‘a hovel’ by Toon mum

Some of the dirt and containers found underneath the kitchen units
Some of the dirt and containers found underneath the kitchen units

A Peterhead mother has branded her allocated council flat a “disgrace” and “hovel” due to the mess she found when she moved in.

Sarah Blackburn, along with her partner and young son, moved in to the property on the town’s Gadle Braes just three months ago.

She said the flat had dirty stained walls and wallpaper barely holding on in patches as well as grease stains throughout the kitchen.

Sarah said: “I myself cleaned squashed flies off the walls, muck and grime off floors and skirting boards.

“It was a disgrace.”

Sarah then found what she believes to be mealworm beetles lurking in the kitchen as she explained: “I removed the kick boards only to discover a world of dirt like I have never seen.

“Old food, containers, even a 10p coin practically welded to the floor with grease.

“The beetles I have identified- usually an infestation is due to bad hygiene and old food lurking around.”

Sarah said that she had complained to the council on numerous occasions.

She added: “I go day to day attempting to make this hole a home to bring up our son.”

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said: “A standard clean was carried out prior to the tenant moving in.

“Since then all requests for repairs have been looked at and completed or are in the process of being looked at and the necessary Work Orders issued.

“A decoration grant has also been provided to the tenant.”