Historic hospital on the market

Maud’s vacant Victorian hospital has been put on the market in the hope to find a buyer by July 21.

The historic building, which closed its doors in October 2008, and its associated grounds covers almost three acres, was created from traditional granite and slate construction for its opening in 1869 when it was known as the Buchan Combination Poorhouse.

Based in Bank Road, the building was built at a cost of £5,700 by several local church groups that were relieved of their duties to care for the poor, it was primarily used for caring elderly patients and was closed after a health centre was built within the small village.

The hospital, which comprises two storeys and an attic, also includes ancillary accommodation within a terraced building to the read, and it is thought that both the buildings and the ground may be suitable for some form of redevelopment.

After being taken over in 1948 by the NHS it was deemed ‘no longer viable’ in 2006.

Offers are invited to J&E Shepherd with the final decision being looked at by the NHS.