Historic beach for sale - with flavours of ‘Whisky Galore’!

The current ownersare seeking bids over 90,000.
The current ownersare seeking bids over 90,000.

If you have seen the re-make of ‘Whisky Galore’ you may recognise the beach in the photo at - New Aberdour, where some of the filming took place.

And you could own a piece of the action - or at least the set - as it is for sale through Aberdeen firm Galbraith.

The current owners, who prefer to remain anonymous are seeking bids over £90,000.

There is a large car park, and Galbraith feel there is potential for investigating the area’s full tourist potential. Even in its undeveloped state, the car park is regularly filled by visitors.

Also on the market is a nearby farmhouse, in need of extensive renovation, with a price tag of around £185,000.

On behalf of Galbraiths, Hannah Christiansen said: “New Aberdour Beach is beautiful and is well known in Scotland as a glorious place to come on a sunny day. In the summer, tourists from all over Scotland and Europe enjoy the beauty of the natural environment. The sellers are offering the farmhouse and the beach in two separate lots, or as a whole.”

The area is of considerable historic interest. Legend has it that St Drostan landed there in 580AD and founded a church in the village. Residents were baptised by St Drostan with water from a spring, and he had a reputation as a healer.

The title to the area is so old that it is not on the Scottish Land Registry. But it is on the Sasine Register which relates to deeds back to 1617.

The chairman of Banffshire Coast Tourism Partnership, Roger Goodyear, said he had heard of the National Trust taking over stretches of coastline, but only in England.

Recently Galbraiths sold 170 acres of the extensive Lunan Bay, between Arbroath and Montrose, which contained a salmon bothy. One parallel between the two areas is that in recent times a local farming family opened a restaurant/shop at Lunan Bay which is very popular.