Heroine postie saves OAP after car crash

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A QUICK-thinking Buchan postie has received high praise from Royal Mail bosses after rescuing a pensioner from his crashed car.

Vikki McRobbie (28), from Fetterangus went to the aid of the motorist after he fell ill at the wheel of his car and drove the vehicle into a garden wall on Peterhead’s West Road.

The incident happened just before 9am on Wednesday as Vikki was doing her daily rounds.

She told the Buchanie: “I heard a car accelerating quite quickly and turned round to see the car drive into the brick wall.

“I was across the street when it happened and I saw that the driver was having difficulty getting the door of his car open.

“I ran across to help him and that’s when I noticed that smoke was coming out of the engine. It did cross my mind that he may have hit a gas pipe behind the wall so I decided to get him out of the car quickly,” she said.

Vikki said that the door of the vehicle was jammed tight and both airbags in the vehicle had inflated.

“The driver was stuck in the front seat, but by this time other motorists had pulled over to offer their help and I asked them to call 999,” she said.

“Eventually I managed to pull the door open and get the driver out of the car.

“He didn’t appear to be injured but he was quite confused.

“He told me that he thought he’d taken a funny turn.”

Vikki, who usually does a rural postal route at Brucklay near Maud, said that she didn’t believe she was any kind of hero, adding: “I just did what anyone else would have done in the same situation.”

Commenting on Vikki’s bravery, a spokesperson for the Royal Mail Group praised her actions.

She said: “After this incredible act of bravery Vikki carried on with her round, ensuring her customers received their usual delivery of mail.”

Vikki, who has only been with the Royal Mail since September 2011, hoped that her daily delivery would continue with less drama in the future!

Meanwhile, the driver of the vehicle, who has not been named, was taken to Peterhead Community Hospital for checks.