Heritage society launches website

It's going to be a busy Spring period for Buchanhaven Heritage Society.
It's going to be a busy Spring period for Buchanhaven Heritage Society.

Buchanhaven Heritage Society has launched its new website “Visit Buchanhaven” and is now listed in things to do pages on the Visit Scotland web site, much to the delight of members.

The new website promotes the work within the centre and the benefits of living in and visiting Buchanhaven from a number of angles including active lifestyle; natural environment; community; and much more and can be found at http://visitbuchanhaven.com/

A team from Visit Scotland also visited the area and were delighted at the work achieved to date and agreed the benefits of the area needed to be promoted to a much wider audience and have now listed the work of the team and the area on their website which goes worldwide.

In addition to the advances on-line, the society has taken a major step forward with its “Identity Project” where it is working with teams of experts to design a tartan for the area, create a pipe tune and own blend of whisky unique to Buchanhaven.

The first stage of the tartan element began recently where t five key colours linked to the area were identified and are now with the designers at the Knocando Mill who are working closely with the society on this project.

The next stage will be that four tartan designs based on those key colours will be released at the centre’s “Distinctly Scottish” event planned for June 20.

At this event visitors will be asked to vote on their preferred tartan and once that is known it will be sent to Edinburgh to be registered before going to the mill where the tartan will become a reality.

The lightweight tartan will be used for soft furnishings for the centre and to create unique gifts and ladies kilts, while the heavyweight will be used to make men’s kilts with five orders already being placed even ahead of the design being agreed.

The event will also see a feast of Scottish song and dance throughout the day, as well as craft tables all linked to tartan and Scotland’s beauty.

Full details of the event will be released soon, but organisers hope for another great turnout.