Heritage Society appealing for public feedback


The Buchanhaven Heritage Society are still celebrating after the huge turn out for their recent vintage tea and exhibition on April 13.

The massive turn out gave the society a clear indication as to how the community want the centre to evolve and feedback was very positive and welcome.

In addition to that, the new crochet and knitting class is growing in strength and feedback indicates the additional value is that of bringing the community together and meeting new friends.

There is room for more to come along, so if you have an interest in crocheting or knitting please come along to the centre any Monday between 7pm and 9pm where a warm welcome is assured.

As the society moves forward, plans for the centre are nearing completion and the next stage will be a general exhibition, where plans, 3D images and an architect will be on hand to answer questions and hear views.

The society would be keen for visitors to fill in a consultation form where future ideas and concepts will be shared and views encouraged.

Full details for this event will be confirmed in due course.

Alex Geddes, Chair of the Society said: “ As the community strength grows and adds input to the future of the centre, there is a clear change in the area and the mood of the community for the better.

“Our recent success with exhibitions and events have encouraged team members and the future for Buchanhaven and surrounding area is very encouraging, however, the team can only do so much and the rest is up to the community.

“It is after all their neighbourhood, so as things progress there is a need for the community to grow and develop their own civic pride and move forward in a positive way”