Help clean up damage at Roanheads urges resident

Councillor Alan Gardiner (left) and Roanheads resident James West examine the area in need of repair.
Councillor Alan Gardiner (left) and Roanheads resident James West examine the area in need of repair.

CALLS are being made for authorities to repair and improve areas of Roanheads damaged by the fierce December storms.

Resident James West, who remained in his home throughout the savage weather, says it is time for action more than two months on.

The retired fishing boat skipper is concerned that unless works are undertaken now to repair the damaged pavements and walls, then it could simply be forgotten about completely over time.

James told the Buchanie: “The storms ripped apart a section of lock-block paving and although some of it was swept up at the time and removed there is still a lot of debris and it is just a terrible reminder of the damage that caused so many people so much misery.

“I have tried to get answers as to who is responsible for what but I can’t help feeling no-one knows and it is likely to remain in this sorry condition for long enough.”

While readily accepting that Aberdeenshire Council, Peterhead Port Authority, Scottish and Souethern Energy and local tradesmen all played a magnificent role in the days following the storms, James says Roanheads’ plight cannot simply be forgotten.

“There are neighbours of mine who have yet to return to their homes because of the damage caused and the least we should expect is to get this area tidied up for them upon their return,” he said.

“I have been a resident here for some ten years and everyone takes such a pride in this wee community that it’s terrible to see it in this condition.”

Peterhead councillor Alan Gardiner last week visited James at his home to discuss the situation and was quick to point out that it would very likely involve several insurance companies investigating who is responsible for what.

He said: “There is clearly some work to be undertaken, and while I know the insurance firms will be fully aware of the need to progress the works as soon as possible, I I will raise it with Aberdeenshire Council, Peterhead Port Authority and the Feuars Managers to see if we can hurry the repairs along in any way.

“The Roanheads area suffered some very serious damage back in December and I am aware that some of it will take quite some time and a lot of expenditure to put right in the fullness of time.

“But I think we have to remember the sterling work undertaken by both Aberdeenshire Council and the port to get the vast majority of the debris removed and the area cleaned in those days after the storms.

“It was a very well organised approach to the damage and I have every confidence the various agencies will have the final repairs and improvements carried out as quickly as they can.”