UNICEF Baby Friendly award for the Matty

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Peterhead Maternity Unit has passed a Stage 3 Assessment with flying colours which will soon earn it the coveted UNICEF Baby Friendly Hospital Award.

The UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative is a three-staged accreditation programme which is shown to help increase breastfeeding rates and improve infant feeding advice and support for pregnant women and new mothers.

UNICEF work with healthcare facilities to help improve standards of care in relation to infant feeding.

Staff at the Peterhead Maternity Unit have been working hard to ensure they offer a gold standard of advice, care and support with infant feeding. The unit was assessed in June and having worked through the first two stages of UNICEF accreditation, this was their final assessment.

UNICEF officers interviewed pregnant women and mothers who were cared for by the midwifery team in Peterhead.

Women were very happy with the advice and support they had received and many praised the staff for the support given. UNICEF officers commended the unit on the high level of care given in relation to infant feeding.

Chris Chick, Infant Feeding Coordinator for Aberdeenshire, said: “This is a prestigious award which is well deserved.

“Many congratulations to Team Lead Janice Paton and all in the midwifery team at Peterhead.

“Midwifery and health visiting staff across the rest of Aberdeenshire CHP are now working towards Stage 3 Assessment after. It is anticipated that this will be achieved within the next 12 months, making the whole of Aberdeenshire UNICEF Baby Friendly Accredited.”