Stevenson helps MASScot in promoting skin cancer awareness

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MASScot (Melanoma Action & Support Scotland) recently exhibited in the Scottish Parliament, highlighting the high incidence of malignant melanoma - the most common cancer in 15 to 34 year-olds in Scotland.

MASScot asked MSPs to consider a public education campaign to prevent skin cancers by avoiding sunburn and to make people aware of the early signs of skin cancer and the dangers of sunbed use. They were asked to sign that they agreed that Sun Protection is Vital and add a comment of their own.

Alex Salmond wrote “Pale is Cool” and many particularly noted the need for protection of young people.

Commenting, local MSP Stewart Stevenson said: “I feel it’s important to support the work of organisations such as MASScot to ensure that people get the right information about the simple steps they can take to protect themselves.”