Smoking ban in car parks ‘unenforceable’

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A move by Aberdeenshire Council to ban people from smoking in their own cars in its car parks has been described as ‘unenforceable’.

The council’s policy and resources committee approved plans to prohibit smoking up on its premises, including car parks for facilities such as office and care homes.

The move has been criticised by a councillor who doesn’t see how the policy will work.

Councillor Peter Argyle said: “Clearly we have an absolute responsibility to encourage people not to smoke. If we are going to introduce a policy it needs to be something that people see as sensible.

“There is one gaping bit that needs to come out in relation to smoking in Aberdeenshire car parks.

“The way it reads is that anybody driving into one of our car parks is not allowed to smoke. One, that is unenforceable and two, nobody will take any notice of it.

“It undermines what is a good policy. It is unlikely to gain public sympathy.”

Cllr Argyle is not the only one that feels the move isn’t a practical measure to prevent people sparking up.

Councillor Jill Webster said: “The way it is presented doesn’t make sense. How on Earth are we going to enforce smoking in Aberdeenshire car parks by members of the public?

“Are we going to have people going around and saying you can’t do that?”

In a bid to clarify the rule, the council’s head of business services, Ritchie Johnson, said: “We want to try and apply some common sense into this, the intention here is right.”