Practice nurse department re-named in ceremony

Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie, his mother Sheila and wife Lady Heather Ritchie
Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie, his mother Sheila and wife Lady Heather Ritchie

Peterhead Health Centre held a special practice re-naming ceremony in honour of a former partner.

Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie and his mother Sheila unveiled the new plaque signalling the name change on Friday.

The Practice Nurse department has been officially re-named the ‘Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie Health Improvement Centre’.

Practice manager, Diane Buchan said: “We decided to name the Practice Nurse Department after Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie as we felt it was a good way to honour him and to recognise the great work he has done here.”

Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie has recently retired having been a partner and General Practicioner Principal at the health centre since 1984.

When asked about how he felt about the practice being named after him, Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie said he was “greatly honoured”.

He added: “Peterhead has been the main stay of my career.”

The Practice Nurse department in Peterhead was pioneering at its launch and saw nurses being trained in dealing with preventable diseases and using equipment such as computers and analysers for the very first time - something which is common practice now.

The initial idea behind the practice was also to have a full running practice nurse department which had nurses studying and dealing with chronic disease management.

While at the health centre, doctors and staff, along with Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie, went to see a painting which he generously donated to them on his retirement.

‘The Call of Duty’ was painted by local artist George Strachan and was based on a photograph taken of a real helicopter rescue which took place at Peterhead Bay in February 1981 featuring a General Practitioner.