Health centre boasts new equipment

Health centre 1
Health centre 1

Peterhead Health Centre has received a donation of new electric beds and self check-in equipment from The League of Friends.

Twelve electric beds have been donated by the charity, one for each of the surgery’s consulting rooms. The new technology will allow patients to be elevated onto the beds for examinations.

As well as the examination couches, there has also been the donation of a new self check-in system at reception. Staff are encouraging patients to use the new technology to help reduce waiting time upon arrival.

Speaking about the donations, Assistant Practice Manager Isabel Penman commented, “We are delighted with the very generous donations from The League of Friends.

“The new electric beds will be tremendously beneficial to patients. Our old examination beds have been sent to a mission hospital in Zambia and the staff over there are really pleased with them. It’s wonderful that we have been able to help people in a poorer part of the world.”

She added, “The new self check-in system is also a fantastic addition to the Health Centre. The system is self-explanatory and is another improvement to patient care.”