Chippy Harry raises awareness of eye test

WARNING: Harold Stevenson pictured outside his chip shop
WARNING: Harold Stevenson pictured outside his chip shop
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A Boddam chip shop owner is highlighting the importance of regular eye tests after he was diagnosed with glaucoma.

Harry Stevenson, 61, had been suffering from eye infections so on August 9, he went to the opticians where he was told he had the eye condition.

Two weeks later, he saw a specialist at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary who gave him eye drops to help.

After two months of using the drops, Harry was told they were not working.

Harry then had to inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) about his condition and as a result his driving licence was revoked.

Speaking to the Buchanie, Harry said: “I was not expecting it. I have had to sell my car.

“I will take the bus from Newburgh to work and my wife will have to pick me up and do the shopping.”

His business has also been affected as he explained: “I have hired an extra member of staff who will cover deliveries as I won’t be on time to take them.

“My eyesight is deteriorating everyday and I can tell by looking at my crossword.”

Harry added: “Its a free eye test, if you need glasses you get the help. There is no reason no one can’t go and end up in the same predicament as me.

“I’ll take everyday as it comes. I’m keeping my spirits up, what else can you do?