Harriet excited for her first solo art exhibition

Local artist, Harriet Voar with her artwork at Arcaro Arts
Local artist, Harriet Voar with her artwork at Arcaro Arts
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A local printmaking graduate and artist has launched her first solo exhibition at Peterhead’s Arcaro Arts.

Harriet Voar, 22, spoke to the Buchanie on Friday afternoon before her official exhibition launch event.

She said: “I am excited to have my work here, I just graduated in the summer and have had one or two pieces featured in other exhibitions but this is my first solo exhibition so I am a bit nervous.”

Harriet graduated from Robert Gordon University Gray’s School of Arts with a BA (Hons) in printmaking.

Her time at university helped to land the place at Arcaro Arts as she explained: “I am so flattered Melissa asked me to exhibit here.

“We were in the same year at university so we kept in touch and she asked me if I would be interested in doing this and so of course I said yes.”

Harriet’s work is based on mental health and she said: ”Everyone pictured here has dealt with mental health in one way or another.

“I wanted to try and make something beautiful out of a taboo subject.

“I have always been interested in health and psychology but when it came to choosing a university course I decided it had to be art.

“I would love to do art therapy but no matter what I do it always seems to come back to art.”

Her artwork features famous faces, with both a mixture of sketches and photos.

Explaining why she decided to choose famous people, Harriet said: “I did lots of research on celebrities who had or have mental health issues and I couldn’t believe how many there were.

“Those on display are just a fraction of a fraction of those I found!

“I chose to just have famous people to raise awareness of mental health and there are a surprising number of people here that you wouldn’t have expected to see.”

The way her artwork is done is different to the traditional way of painting and drawing expected at galleries: “I have done printmaking since university and through that course we studied a range of different art methods.

“I took a shine to digital art and really enjoyed it so I always went back to it when I could.

“I still do printmaking but I find it easier to complete work on the computer.”

Harriet has been working on the exhibition pieces since January and each one can take anything from a few hours to a few days, depending on their size.

Harriet’s exhibition is available to view at Arcaro Arts now until 3pm on Friday, November 8.

She can also do commissions for those who would like pictures of family or friends.

For more information or details about commission work, please see the Arcaro Arts Facebook page or you can e-mail harriet.voar@gmail.com.