Hairdresser Gordon makes the final cut after 45 years

A Buchan man is retiring after 45 years of service as a men’s hairdresser.

Gordon Shepherd (68), who has been a hairdresser in Maud since August 24 1967, retired on Saturday, August 25.

Mr Shepherd lives in Henrihall Cottages, Maud, with his wife, Sheila. They have two grown-up sons and two grandchildren, all of whom live locally. They have lived in their house in Maud for the past 37 years.

Although Mr Shepherd was a men’s hairdresser, he employed one part-time member of staff for ladies’ hairdressing.

Commenting on his retirement, Mr Shepherd said: “I was apprehensive about my retirement at first but I am looking forward to it now. I’ll miss meeting people and the banter in the shop though.”

Mr Shepherd says he is looking forward to walking, gardening and spending more time with his grandchildren during his retirement.

Gordon’s wife, Sheila, who helped out in the shop, said: “We have only once had a whole week’s holiday - and that was in the last two years so it’ll be nice to have more free time. I’m looking forward to Gordon retiring.

“Gordon has customers who come from a wide area. Some have been customers since they were children,” she added.

Gordon added: “I would like to thank my customers for their custom over the years.”