Gift Tree Project launches

Finished Gift Tree tags
Finished Gift Tree tags
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November will once again see the launch of the Gift Tree Project in Peterhead and surrounding area as part of the ongoing development of the “Here for You Partnership” .

The project has been developed over a number of years and brings together key services to bring some festive cheer to those in the area that find themselves in need at this time of year.

Groups from Willowbank have been working hard to create the Gift Tree tags

Groups from Willowbank have been working hard to create the Gift Tree tags

The Here for You Partnership will see social work, health visitors and other professionals working closely together with local businesses and community groups to deliver gifts, while closely working with churches to support those in need of food parcels.

Gift Trees with tags will appear during November at key locations across the area including the Happy Plant at Mintlaw, the Maud Resource Centre, Arbuthnot House, Peterhead Projects, 2 Re-use, Library, Community Centre and Nexus.

To host a tree, contact Peterhead Projects.

Previous years have seen great support and organisers are hopeful that similar support will be provided this year.

Alex Geddes, Social Regeneration Officer for the Here for You Partnership said: “ The Gift Tree is a wonderful project to be involved with and looking at the support it has received in the past is overwhelming.

“This shows the area at its best and brings communities together in a way that is heart warming and shows the true meaning of Christmas, with services and groups working closely for the common good.

“Without support from the public and businesses it would be very difficult to deliver this project, so I am grateful to all involved for their continued support.

“I hope that everyone who can support this project will buy one extra gift while out doing Christmas shopping this year and donate it to a Gift Tree location so it can passed to the central distribution points for delivery.

“Your help will be appreciated and will bring a smile to many faces on Christmas Day.”