George’s poems set to be published

George Duthie's book of poems, Well Versed
George Duthie's book of poems, Well Versed
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A paperback book of 100 poems written by a local man is due to be published in the next few weeks.

George Buchan Duthie was an inspiration to many and the book will include 33 poems written when he lived in Peterhead, 42 written during his extensive travels, and 22 written by George and three of his colleagues when he lived in Venice Florida.

The poems will feature in the publication “Well Versed” and they are a reminder of George’s gusto, zest for life and sense of adventure.

They are also a reminder that George was humorous and never forgot his earlier years spent in Peterhead and the Baptist Kirk.

“Well Versed” is a unique collection of poems embracing a variety of subjects including “To see again the Bullers” in which George writes: “The Bullers is a small cliff top hamlet near Peterhead in Scotland.

“It stands on top of aged granite cliffs and overlooks the wild North Sea.

“It is a place of my childhood and never fails, because of its timeless grandeur, to inspire and uplift me when I return.”

The poem tells the story of a dying soldier, lying wounded in the burning crucible of the Arabian Desert and George uses the poem to compare the Bullers O’ Buchan to the Arabian sands.

Copies of “Well Versed” will be available in early October and cost around £6.

They can be ordered now by calling Mary Yule on 01779 475387.