Genealogy workshop offered for beginners

Hot on its heels from its three very successful Scottish Week events the Family History Society of Buchan is about to host a beginners workshop for all budding family historians.

Society chairman, Alan Fakley, says that family history is a fascinating subject which is now studied by millions of people worldwide.

“Genealogy, giving it its proper name, is now a major contributor to Scotland’s Tourism trade with many overseas visitors travelling to Scotland seeking details about their ancestors,” said Mr Fakley.

“Any new family historians will soon find themselves discovering how, when and where their ancestors lived and the major events that affected their lives.

“Weaving through the social, political and economic history of the nation many family historians soon find themselves unearthing details of ancestors who travelled from further afield to this area and details of the roots that they set down here.

“Conversely, many seek out information from countries that welcomed the Scots emigrants.

“Family myths are often proved or disproved and the odd ‘skeleton in the cupboard’ is unearthed by these budding investigators. Like other historians, family historians learn to collect the evidence and then from this deduce the facts.”

If you are interested in finding out more, the FHSB is holding a two hour beginners workshop on Monday, September 10, at 7pm in Arbuthnot House, Broad Street.

This workshop will get you started; inform you what information is available; how to collect and record that information and which agencies can assist you.

Non-members are particularly welcome to this workshop.

An application form is available on the society’s website or at its office at 22 Harbour Street, Peterhead.

The cost is £5 which covers costs, a cup of tea and a fine piece, payable with the application. Numbers are restricted so places are allocated on a first come – first served basis.