Gas pipe explodes on Hatton street

Workers try to source the root of the problem which caused a gas pipe on Hatton Farm Gardens to explode
Workers try to source the root of the problem which caused a gas pipe on Hatton Farm Gardens to explode

A GAS pipe on Hatton Farm Gardens exploded on Tuesday, causing damage to a pavement.

The explosion took place at the end of the path leading to Louise McNeil’s house.

Louise was working in Aberdeen at the time and received a phone call from her next door neighbour telling her to come home.

Speaking to the Buchanie, Louise said: “I got up this morning and noticed there was a hole in the pavement. It wasn’t there last night and there was no smoke or anything coming out of it but I thought it could be dangerous as if it were dark, people could miss it and trip over it.

“I placed a report on Aberdeenshire Council’s website about it hoping someone would come out and see it. I headed off to work at 9am and later received a call from my neighbour who said there has been an explosion at the house.”

Panic had set in and her first thought was to get her two dogs out of her house away from harm. Louise added: “I phoned my mother-in-law who lives across the street to see if she could get my dogs out.

“My work put me in a taxi home and when I got back, the street had been cordoned off.”

After initially being told she could not enter her house, Louise was eventually allowed to take her dogs outside.

Fellow resident Eric Buchan witnessed the explosion and said: “It looked like a firework as it had smoke, water and sparks shooting out of it.”

Eric also said that Louise was only a minute or so away from being hit by the blast as he explained: “She just came out of her house with the dogs, walked over and made to the house across the street and it blew so spontaneously and so strangely. She was lucky she came out when she did.”

Both Louise and Eric were concerned about access to the street for emergency services since the Hatton Bridge was closed due to structural damage.

Eric said: “They take the main road and discover they can’t get through, forcing them to use the back roads which adds vital minutes to their journey.”

Louise added: “It is rediculous, every minute counts.”