Garden project set to receive council grant

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BUCHAN councillors will today (Tuesday), be asked to consider an award of £500 towards Longside and District Community Council’s village garden project.

The committee agreed, in April last year that the administration grant paid to each community ouncil would be £425 and that an additional £35 would be paid to cover the cost of registration under the Data Protection Act.

It was further agreed that the remaining balance of £2,978.00 would be made available for project grants of up to £1,000 or 80 percent of the total cost, whichever is the lesser.

The committee has previously agreed awards to Mintlaw Community Council for garden competition certificates, Buchan East Community Council for a poly tunnel to be used by the Crimond Gardening Group,

Cruden Community Council for flower planters to be used by Cruden Bay Horticultural Society and Boddam and District Community Council towards electrical sockets for festive lights.

The remaining balance available for disbursement is £1,357.60 Longside and District Community Council has submitted an application for assistance to develop an area of waste ground, off Inn Brae, into a community garden.

The project is to be delivered in partnership with the local Scouts, Guides and church groups. The future maintenance of the garden will also be undertaken by these organisations.

The total cost of the project is £3,150.00 and Longside and District

Community Council has already contributed £714 towards the site

preparation costs.

This grant is required towards the cost of the pathways, seating and plants. The balance of the cost, £1,936.00, will be met by Longside and District

Community Council which is applying for a Shell Small Grant and other similar grants, in the hope of attracting additional funds to allow the work to be completed over the Spring.