Friends of ARCHIE launch refurbished casualty department

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THE Peterhead Friends of ARCHIE Group has completed its refurbishment of the G-MED casualty service waiting room and treatment areas at the town’s community hospital.

A launch of the revamped G-MED casualty department took place on Saturday and guests from across the North-East were invited to see the new look, giving them an opportunity to find out more about the project, as well as seeing the newly refurbished areas first-hand.

Peterhead Cottage Hospital was originally built back in 1939 and later underwent extensive redevelopment, before being opened under the name of Peterhead Community Hospital by Princess Anne in August 1994. Today the hospital serves more than 20,000 people from Peterhead and the surrounding area.

The Peterhead Friends of ARCHIE Group was formed two years ago with local volunteers and is linked with local medical staff and The ARCHIE Foundation. The group exists to encourage and support the raising of much needed funds to improve child health facilities locally, including the G-MED casualty service at Peterhead Community Hospital.

The ARCHIE Foundation, the official charity of The Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital has projects in eight community hospitals throughout the Grampian region.

The G-MED casualty service provides out of hours care for local people of all ages from Peterhead and the surrounding area and often has children arriving in the middle of the night to see a nurse or doctor.

Medical treatment can often be a scary experience for children and historically the environment was not very child friendly, the refurbishment of the G-Med casualty department will ‘make a difference’ to a child’s treatment.

The Peterhead Friends of ARCHIE Group has been overwhelmed by the donations it has received over the past two years, with fundraising activities ranging from fun runs to tea parties. The group was involved in not only raising funds for this project but also choosing the visual artist Paula Thompson.

Pupils from Buchanhaven School were also involved in the designs. The resulting artwork is both inspirational and most importantly fun for both children and adults who have to use the facilities. It has completely transformed the atmosphere in the waiting room and treatment areas.

David Cunningham, ARCHIE director of fundraising said: “The Peterhead Friends of ARCHIE Group have shown total commitment and dedication in all areas of this project, from their successful fundraising efforts to the whole sense of community spirit which is evident throughout the team.

“I would also like to thank everyone involved in the project who have dedicated so much of their time and effort - all of their hard work has clearly paid off. It is important that children and their families are helped to feel calm and at ease

before they receive medical care and attention.

“In many cases a child who is calm in their surroundings can be treated more easily and have a more comfortable experience.”

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