Four-legged fight for Scottish Week cat and dog titles

The top cat takes it all in her stride.
The top cat takes it all in her stride.

There was a flurry of fur at Peterhead Scottish Week’s cat and dog shows this year, as pampered pets battled it out to be named top dog or cat.

The cats got their chance to shine last Wednesday at the Rescue Hall when a number of categories were contested.

Top Dog was Harris the Scottie

Top Dog was Harris the Scottie

As usual, it was no easy task for the judges, and the winners were as follows:


Kitten - 1 Maxine Anderson (Kovu, British Shorthair), 2 Gillian McGregor (Phebe, Tortoiseshell), 3 Erin Elder (Alfie, Ragamuffin).

Adult - 1 John Fraser (Binx, Black), 2= Katlyn Mortimer (Cleo, British Shorthair), Kaitlyn Murray (Brandy).

Dressing up for the occasion

Dressing up for the occasion

Prettiest eyes - 1 Megan Jamieson (Sven, Domestic shorthair), 2 Angela Oakes (Rain, moggy), 3 Samantha Duthie (Daisy, Maine Coon).

Unusual markings - 1 Diane (Shadow, shorthair), 2 Megan Jamieson (Sven), 3 Denise Donaldson (Jock, Mixed).

Judges’ choice - 1 Megan Jamieson (Sven), 2 Maxine Anderson (Kovu), 3 John Fraser (Binx).

It was the turn of the dogs on Thursday evening, as they competed at the community centre in nine categories in total.

One of the award winners on the night.

One of the award winners on the night.

The winners were:


Fancy dress - 1 Carly O’Brien (Barney, King Charles), 2 Kimberley Kaminski (Yoshi, Shibu Inu), 3 Patrician West (Chasse, Shihtzu).

Junior handling - 1 Michaela Ritchie (Milo, Border Collie), 2 Jordan Wilson (Oska, Samoyed), 3 Lily Campbell (Buddy, Basset Fauve de Bretagne).

Puppy - 1 Amanda (Mazi, Golden Doodle), 2 Dior Robertson (Fluffy, Multi Pom), 3 Skye Strachan (Roxy, Cocker Spaniel).

Veteran - 1 Cameron Kinnear (Harris, Scottie), 2 Ritchie Lemon (Oliver, Bichon Frise), 3 Michelle Simpson (Cooper, Cocker Spaniel).

Pedigree large - 1 Sandra McLeod (Phoebe, Labrador Retriever), 2 Michaela Ritchie (Milo, Border Collie), 3 Heather Strachan (Bailey, Golden Retriever).

Non-pedigree - 1 Seamus (Enso, mixed), 2= Alba Bennett (Teddy, Jackadoodle), Ellie Gillanders (Lola, Chihuahua), 3 Audrey Park (Heidi, crossbread).

Waggiest tail - 1 Savannah Reid (Nina, Cocker Spaniel), 2= Lilly (Tiggy, Yorkie), Carly O’Brien (Barney, King Charles), Jenna Milne (Louie, Cavachon).

Most entertaining - 1 Jordan Wilson (Oska), 2 Anna Holloway (Penny, Pug), 3 Samantha Cowie (Bailey).

Overall winner - 1 Cameron Kinnear (Harris, Scottie), 2 Scott Ross (Lennox, Boxer), 3 Michaela Ritchie (Milo, Border Collie).