Flood misery for Hatton residents as road is closed

The visible damage caused to Hatton Farm Road due to the high level of water created over the weekend
The visible damage caused to Hatton Farm Road due to the high level of water created over the weekend

Hatton residents will have to wait a while to use the town’s Hatton Farm Road as it has been closed due to structural damage caused by water.

On Monday morning, teams from Aberdeenshire Council and Scottish Water were on site to assess the situation and keep residents safe after the pavements and road caved in.

Road Manager for Aberdeenshire Council, Alan Burns said: “The culvert has been washed out due to the force of water which led to the water main bursting, causing scour under the road.

“The culvert is damaged beyond repair so we have to restrict the road to no traffic and we will look into creating a temporary footpath for pedestrians.”

The teams was ready to begin work as soon as possible with Mr Burns adding: “The weight of the water is pressing down on the gas main so we will take action today to save it from bursting.

“The pavement is crumbling as we speak so we will look to remove that today as well.”

As for the time it will take to repair the road, he said: “We don’t know at the moment but once we have done a full assessment we will have a better idea.

“It won’t be a quick fix as we will have to totally replace the culbert. We don’t know the extent of the damage and we won’t know until we remove everything.”

The houses and pub, the Hatton Mill, which lie next to the damaged road have not been affected, with the pub’s car park still in use.

Meanwhile, down at Station Road, anyone looking for a game of football should look elsewhere as the play park is waterlogged.

Heading towards Cruden Bay, the road at Nethermill has some deep surface water which had spilled out from a neighbouring field and a number of cars had to slowly drive through it

Commenting after visiting areas of Cruden Bay affected by flooding, Peterhead South & Cruden councillor Stephen Smith said: “It’s clearly been a worrying time for local residents.

“Thankfully, there was no repeat of the flooding which affected Morrison Place several years ago, although the Water of Cruden was at a very high level when I was there.

“Main Street was less fortunate and several houses were affected but speaking to local residents there it seems that the problem stems from a burn in the Castle Woods which needs clearing and I’ll be speaking to SEPA and council officials to investigate that.”