Fit like? Toon trainer pens health book

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A Peterhead personal trainer has penned a book focusing on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle that he believes is “perfect for this time of year”.

Scott Murray, 23, wrote Skip the Fat & Look Good In That to teach people what is needed to stay healthy.

Scott said: “It covers every area of our health including lifestyle and eating.

“If you improve all that then you are going to naturally get better results as a by-product.”

Scott worked as a personal trainer in Aberdeen for five years and says he got inspired to the write the book as he was constantly explaining the same methods to people over and over again.

He said: “With the book I could reach more people than the one I’m working with.”

The book has tips on exercise, nutrition, lifestyle , recipes and lots more.

Scott said: “It tells you how to plan it all in your life so it can become a part of your routine.”

With his book currently on sale on Amazon and his publisher in talks with other book stores the young trainer turned writer plans on writing another five books on the “different areas of life”.

These will include topics like leadership and relationships.

In the meantime Scott is setting up his own training business in Peterhead.

He said: “It’s for people to come and tell me what their goals are and I’ll tell them what I can offer.

“Clients get a free book which will help with the mental part and then the physical part will be the training.”

For details on the new business find Peterhead Health and Wellness on Facebook.