Fieldcraft fun for Cadet Georgina

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Among the 180 Army Cadets and over 50 adult volunteers from 2 Highlanders Army Cadet Force attending annual camp, is Georgia Henderson of New Deer who attends the Peterhead Detachment.

Annual camp is the highlight of the cadet year and training for this event takes place in local detachments throughout the year.

This year the Battalion has relocated to Swynnerton Training Camp beside Stone in Staffordshire. During their two-week stay the cadets will be taking part in fieldcraft and navigational exercises as well as target shooting.

It is not all hard work for the cadets, however, as there is a fun day out to Alton Towers and on the last day of camp cadets will take part in various sporting activities.

This year archery has been included as the Battalion was lucky enough to be in a position to purchase some new equipment.

A number of adult volunteers are now trained archery instructors.