Feline lonely? Give a cat a loving home says SSPCA

Nate is feeling lonely after his loving owner passed away.
Nate is feeling lonely after his loving owner passed away.
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The Scottish SPCA is encouraging cat lovers in Aberdeenshire to offer one of their older felines a new home.

Staff at the charity’s Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Drumoak have taken in over 300 cats this year and, while there continues to be a high demand for kittens, many of their adult cats are being left on the shelf.

Assistant manager Debbie Innes said, “Usually the number of kittens being born has wound down by now but, as there has been a prolonged kitten season, we’re still taking in many pregnant mums.

“This means locals interested in rehoming a cat are more likely to take on one of our cute kittens over a more mature moggie.

“While a kitten may be the right lifestyle choice for some families, adult cats tend to be more calm and relaxed, with a better-established routine.

“They should have burned off all that excess energy and will be ready to settle down, having already learned a few house rules such as what the litter tray is for.

“We have some amazing larger than life characters in our care at the moment and they’re all waiting patiently to be offered new homes.

“Hubble, a 13 year-old female, was found a little worse for wear. All she needs now is a quiet retirement home where there are cuddles and food aplenty.

“Domino, around three years old, is a loving and affectionate boy who has been through a lot, while Nate, aged five years old, is feeling so lonely and sad after his loving owner passed away.

“We would ask anyone considering rehoming a cat to come along to our centre and meet some of our adult cats.”

Anyone interested in adopting a cat can visit the Scottish SPCA’s Drumoak-based centre daily between 10am and 4pm or call 03000 999 999.