Farmers come to (super) market

The in-store activity willtake place from 2pm to 4pm to markFarm24
The in-store activity willtake place from 2pm to 4pm to markFarm24

Morrisons in Peterhead will be hosting local farmers in its Queen Street store who will distribute information about British produce and talk to customers about thier local farms and produce from the region.

The farmers will be in-store tomorrow (Thursday, August 10), giving customers the chance to see how they produce food for the store, and giving them the chance to explain the benefits of homegrown British food.

With 83 percent of the UK population living in urban areas, 46 percent of Brits have never met a farmer, 32 percent have never visited a working farm and 52 per cent say they don’t know how the food they buy is grown.

The in-store activity will take place from 2pm to 4pm to mark Farm24, a day of action for farmers to explain the effort that goes into producing our food.

Farm24 day also falls at a time when the availability of British reaches its peak. More than 70 percent of the food that Morrisons sells this week will be British, the highest share it reaches during the year - as British lamb, soft fruits and summer vegetables reach the peak of their seasonality.

Peterhead store manager, Robert Davidson, said: “We believe that by meeting our real farmers, customers will understand that we are supporting real local businesses and understand more about where their food comes from.

"Our farmers will meet the Morrisons customers they are feeding and be able to explain the importance of eating homegrown food.”

Farm24 (24 Hours In Farming) is an annual event that shines a light on the great work British land and livestock farmers do from dawn to dusk every day.

24 Hours in Farming starts 5am on August 10 with the farming community sharing social media posts round the clock that highlight the great work that British farmers do via the Farm24 hashtag.