Falling roof tiles strike Asda shopper

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ROOF tiles fell once again from Asda’s ceiling causing more disruption for customers stocking up their grocery supplies in the Longside Road store.

Shoppers were forced to leave their trolleys at Peterhead’s Asda earlier this month after tiles fell from the ceiling onto the isles. Employees and local shoppers were evacuated from the store at the time to ensure that no further damage would be caused.

The incident happened as a result of new heating equipment being installed into the roof space.

More recently, however, tiles fell again, and this time struck a customer who was doing her shopping.

Store manager Jamie Carchie said: “Our store has recently undergone some improvements with a new heating system being fitted.

“A small number of ceiling tiles, which were removed in order to fit the new system, were not replaced properly, and later fell down onto the shopfloor.

“Unfortunately a part of a tile struck a customer, but thankfully she wasn’t badly injured.

“We’d like to apologise again to the customer, as we did at the time. We also offered first aid, and then went to see her at her home with a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates.

“After investigating fully I can assure our customers this won’t happen again.”