Facelift for Boddam Playground

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The pupils of Boddam Primary School have a freshly painted and decorated Playground thanks to the efforts of Peterhead’s Prince’s Trust Team 36.

Each Prince’s Trust Team must decide on a project that will benefit their local community and once a project has been identified, the team must then raise the necessary funds to ensure the project can be completed within the allotted three week timescale.

Team 36 organised a Quiz Night at The Clerkhill Inn to raise funds for the project which helped raise just over £300, a big thank you to all the local businesses and local people for their generous donations and support, which enabled them to complete the community project.

Prince’s Trust Team Leader, Tev Warrander, said: “Team 36 have done an excellent job at the School, they worked really hard and as you can see it shows, the first week was hampered by the weather but the team didn’t let that ruin their project, they had to come together as a team to make it happen and to ensure they completed it within the timescale we had.

“The staff and pupils at the school were very supportive of the Team and this has given them confidence to take into the second half of the Team Programme.”

Head Teacher, Danica Smith, said: “Before Team 36 began the work, our playground looked a bit tired and needed revamped.

“The team arrived on site and quickly got to work – asking pupils and staff for their ideas of how to improve our play spaces.

“Asking our pupils for their input made them feel valued and included in the project, thus generating a real sense of community - this sense of community was exemplified when I looked out of my window one afternoon and saw our pupils playing football in the playground with members of the team.”

Danica added: “The Prince’s Trust team were an absolute pleasure to work alongside and the team members were positive role models for our pupils as they were polite, friendly, enthusiastic, motivated and really engaged in the project.

“I hope that their enthusiasm has a lasting impression on our pupils and inspires them to ‘give back’ to their community too.

“The finished playground looks fantastic and children and parents are talking about how much brighter our play spaces are and we can’t wait for the launch event to share our new playground with the local community!”

The Prince’s Trust Team programme, delivered in Aberdeenshire by Aberdeen Foyer, is a 12 week self-development programme for 16-25 year olds to give them the skills and confidence to find a job, offering a two week work experience placement, community projects, a week long residential and the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications.

The next team will commence on Monday, September 14 and anyone interested in taking part can contact team leader, Tev Warrander on 07930605887 or email kevinw@aberdeenfoyer.com.