Weeks of discolored water for residents

Lendrum Terrace, Boddam
Lendrum Terrace, Boddam

Residents of Lendrum Terrace, Boddam have been unable to use their main water supply for a number of weeks due to discoloration.

They first noticed their tap water had changed around the middle of August and immediately contacted Scottish Water.

In response to concerns, the company sent out a batch of bottled water to those affected, however their main supply remained off colour.

Resident Sam Coull said: “The turbidity, from its colour, might be from older cast iron mains rather than the integrity of the newer plastic mains being breached.

“Mains water supply used to be tested twice a day when run by Grampian Water Services and then, at that time, met all European water quality standards but it appears that standards have slipped somewhat.”

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: “We apologise to people in Lendrum Terrace for the poor water quality they have received recently. We have provided bottled water to a small number of properties and are aware this has been an intermittent problem in recent times.

“We plan to flush around 2km of water mains locally which should improve the water quality considerably.

“This work should be carried out shortly.”

“We carried out 330,156 regulatory samples in 2013, the majority of which are from customer taps, and on top of this we sample at our treatment works and service reservoirs constantly to make sure the water we supply meets regulatory requirements.”