Public to get its say on carbon capture plans

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A series of public exhibitions will be held early next month to discuss the carbon capture plans for Peterhead Power Station.

A maildrop to thousands of North-east homes by Shell provides details of the scheme and dates for the exhibitions.

Under the ambitious proposals from Shell, the Buchan facility will house the world’s first gas carbon capture and storage project.

Around one million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year would be collected using exhaust gas from the Scottish and Southern Electricty-operated power station before being compressed and transported offshore where it will be injected into the depleted Goldeneye gas reservoir for deep long-term storage.

Peterhead’s CCS scheme is one of two projects currently going through the final phase of the UK Government’s CCS competition which has been designed to support the development of this technology.

Shell believes that it’s proposals has the potential to prevent up to 10 million tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere over a decade.

The fact that Peterhead alreday boasts a significant proportion of the infrastructure to support such a facility lends weight to the North-east bid.

The winning project is expected to be revealed in the Spring of next year.