Landale Road gardens set to be a blaze of colour

Volunteers at Peterhead's Landale Road Gardens
Volunteers at Peterhead's Landale Road Gardens
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The Landale Community Garden project in Peterhead has recently completed its next phase with the plants going in to the mixed border, with help from some young volunteers and their parents.

In addition to that, pupils from the town’s Central School have also become part of the project and have been a welcome site in the gardens.

The project started six weeks ago, as part of the Here For You project, which is part of Peterhead Projects.

Since then the community has become fully integrated in the project, and over a six-week period, and with support from Aberdeenshire Council Landscape Services, the project has flourished.

Local volunteer Christina Morrison said:“Peterhead is such a beautiful town and a great place to raise a family. I wanted my children to be able to serve their community and the community garden is a place that can be used by all ages for many generations to come.”

Louise Reid added:“I was keen to get involved in the re-generation project as I felt it was a way of giving something back to the town.”

Michael Riddle said: “I joined the project because I have been watching the gardens become a shadow of their former selves through lack of use and vandalism over the years. It took me several weeks to volunteer, but the group assured me I only had to join in when and for as long it suited my schedule.

“I’m just glad I can be part of something which others in our town can enjoy