Historic lighthouse shines bright again in Blue Toon

Bill Mackie and John Wallace at the re-opening of the Stevenson Lighthouse
Bill Mackie and John Wallace at the re-opening of the Stevenson Lighthouse

The historic Stevenson Lighthouse in Peterhead was re-opened last Friday after renovations work were completed.

A plaque commemorating the occasion was unveiled by Harbour Convenor Bill Mackie and retiring Chief Executive of the Peterhead Port Authority John Wallace.

Speaking at the unveiling Mr Wallace said: “I wish to thank the Convenor Bill Mackie and the Board for granting me this great honour and occasion in re-opening this magnificent structure, The Stevenson Lighthouse.”

Mr Wallace added: “Mr Convenor, board members and colleagues, it is my very great privilege and pleasure today to officially declare this Stevenson Lighthouse complete and part of the ongoing legacy of the ever evolving estate and fabric of Peterhead Port Authority, and to wish all who pass by this light a safe and successful journey.”

The Stevenson Lighthouse was designed in 1849 by Thomas Stevenson, the grandfather of Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson.

It is thought that visits with his family to remote lighthouses are thought to have inspired Robert Louis’ books Kidnapped and Treasure Island.

Peterhead’s Stevenson Lighthouse is one of a number of the structure built and designed by the Stevenson family.

The Northern Lighthouse Board states: “For over one-hundred-and fifty years Robert Stevenson and his descendants designed most of Scotland’s lighthouses.

“Battling against the odds and the elements, the Stevenson’s constructed wonders of engineering that have withstood the test of time - an amazing historical achievement.